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Delivering Big IT Solutions to nyc small businesses

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Tired of dealing with an “IT guy” who only works on your issues when he “gets around to it?”

NY Computer Group was founded on 20 years of experience providing IT support to small businesses throughout New York City. After working with businesses of 15 or fewer users for such a long time, we've seen the same problems arise over and over again. Stop us when this starts to sound familiar:

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Your computer is just running slow...

and every time your IT person takes a look, they tell you "that’s just the way computers are." They get it working for a day or two, and then you’re back to square one.

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Your IT person doesn’t get back to you for urgent matters.

If your business has a deadline and you lose access to your files - getting them back suddenly falls on you.

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Your IT person isn’t doing any proactive planning.

Your business desperately needs a backup system, a disaster recovery plan for worst case scenarios, server upgrades, cloud migration, and protection from ransomware – and it’s up to you manage it all.

When you're focusing on problems like these, you're not working on your business. If you’ve found that dealing with your IT person has become a job of its own, then you have to ask yourself:

Isn’t it time you moved to a team of IT professionals who are as dedicated to your business as you are?

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The IT Support Company for New York Small Businesses with Fewer Than 15 Computer Users

At NY Computer Group, we believe that supporting the technology needs of small and home office businesses doesn’t have to be as complicated as some would make it out to be, nor should it be an afterthought.

With an expertise in all things small business technology – from email configuration, to MS Office collaboration, to small business networks and cloud solutions, to industry specific software like AutoCAD and Quickbooks – we’re focused on providing respectful and responsive support to all of your technical issues.

Is dealing with an “IT guy” weighing on your business? What would working with a team of IT professionals that’s built to support small businesses do for you?

Schedule a getting-to-know you call with us and find out: can NY Computer Group help you?
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What’s Included

The NY Computer Group support process dives deep into your business and aligns your objectives with the right tools and technology that will allow you and your employees to get your job done.


24/7 Help Desk suport


Performance monitoring


Managed anti-virus


Cloud & Network infrastructure


Update & Patch management


Backup & disaster recovery

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Our Customers

Sometimes our customers can express our value even better than we can. Here’s what one of the most experienced security firms in Manhattan had to say about their experience working with NY Computer Group:

Selwyn Falk
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"NY Computer Group is a life saver! Their response time is incredible! We’ve called them for numerous things with our office network and computers. He gets back to us quickly and gets the problem solved very quickly, without causing us downtime whenever possible. Very professional and courteous!"

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Selwyn Falk

Vice President, Epic Security

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Our Promise

We’ve committed ourselves to solving the IT problems of New York City small businesses, and we make the same promise to all of our customers:

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We won’t box you in

Whether you work on Mac or PC, whether your network is in the cloud or in a closet somewhere, we’re here to solve your technology problems – not to force you into a pre-packaged solution.

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We'll respect your people

We won't talk down to you. We won't try to distract you with industry jargon and we'll always shoot you straight.

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We’ll have your bottom line in mind

A five person hedge fund needs different abilities than a 10 person not-for-profit. We’ll provide the support and solutions you need, and nothing more.

Just Because You’re a Small Business Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Deserve Big IT Solutions

We’re confident in the value that we can provide to New York small businesses, but we’re not for everyone. Is our strategic and proactive approach right for your business? Let’s find out.
Give us a call at (212) 381-0847 or click the “Let’s Talk” button below to schedule an introductory phone call.