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All About NY Computer Group

Your NYC Small Business’ Dedicated Team of IT Professionals
Are you tired of waiting for your “IT guy” to get back to you, let alone fix an issue?
Are you or a key team member spending too much of your valuable time working on computer issues yourselves?

Whether you run a small business with multiple users and your own server, or you're a solopreneur running your business out of a home office, you deserve to know the benefits of having a dedicated IT department. The support that your business needs is here. Stop focusing so much on technology issues, and put your focus where it belongs.

NY Computer Group is here to help.
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Our Story

NY Computer Group was founded with the goal of providing professional IT support to NYC small businesses with 15 users and under, a market that is largely underserved by most IT providers. In most cases, IT consultants (or “IT guys” as they're often referred to) provide reactive support and offer limited to no strategic insights. Larger IT companies provide more advanced solutions, but small businesses are often priced out of their services. We wanted to fill the gap, by providing small businesses with comprehensive IT solutions at a price they can afford, while also delivering the high touch service they deserve.

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About the Owner

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I may be a IT professional with over two decades of experience under my belt, but I like to think I'm a lot more than that, too. A product of the 80's - I still think that "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie and you'll never be able to tell me otherwise. I'm a Bruce Springsteen fan, yes - but I also recognize how important the E Street Band was in his success. In a lot of ways, that's the relationship I want to have with your small business.

You're Bruce Springsteen, NY Computer Group is the E Street Band and together, we put ourselves in a position to do something nobody else can - turn your business’ IT into a finely tuned productivity machine (though we probably won't win as many Grammys).
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josh genin

Owner, NY Computer Group